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You need to have a car/truck, and the valid driver license

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How Do Drivers Get Paid

  1. Open the UUCargo app and sign in
  2. Register your credit card using the app.
  3. Search and claim shipments available in-app
  4. Drive to the shipment pickup address, load the specified shipments into your car/truck
  5. Deliver the shipments to the delivery address
  6. Customer confirms shipment delivery electronically
  7. UUCargo pay to your selected credit card

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What documents are required?
    1. Driver License, Class 1,2,& 4: 21 years old
    2. Owner’s Certificate of Insurance & Vehicle Registration
    3. Birth certificate, Citizenship card, Passport residency card, or Work permit
  • How Long Does the sign-up process take?
    • It should take several hours.  A confirmation email will be sent to your mailbox
  • Insurance Protection?
  • Customer Ratings?
  • Howe about driver safety and protection?
  • What about wear and tear on my car/truck?
  • What to do when I have accidents during delivery?

UUCargo App

UU Cargo aims to create an online application that brings a low-cost shipping solution to businesses and consumers.


The solution will not only leverage but also maximum use in local storage and spare trucks.


It is totally free to sign in or register.

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