New York / New Jersey Vancouver, BC 4 – 7 days
Seattle, WA Montreal, QC 4 – 7 days
Los Angeles, CA Toronto, ON 3 – 5 days
Toronto, ON Edmonton, AB 3 – 5 days
Dallas, TX Calgary, AB 3 – 7 days
Montreal, QC Vancouver, BC 4 – 7 days

*Transit times are calendar days and apply to major cities in and around the origin/destination cities listed. They are provided as a range (min – max) and will vary depending on the day of week pickup. Add an extra day for locations beyond the regions major cities.

-Shipments that are good candidates for LTL service typically weigh between 150 and 20,000 lbs.

-CSA moves 700+ trailers of LTL freight per month, network wide. We provide scheduled LTL shipping services with daily departures for Canada USA LTL and highly-competitive pricing for shipping LTL freight Canada and the United States with transit times you can count on.

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