Get Real-time Fuel Price Insights and Shipping Costs

Get Real-time Fuel Price Insights and Shipping Costs

Price Updated: 08/22/2023

Current Canadian Diesel Prices (CPL)


Current Retail Prices for Diesel

Vancouver: $214
Toronto: $176.6
Montreal: $195.6

Current Retail Prices For Unleaded

Vancouver: $206
Toronto: $170
Montreal: $180.7

Make A Better Fuel Pricing Management Decisions Today

At UUCargo, we are dedicated to closely monitoring the trends and changes in weekly average retail prices for diesel. Understanding the fluctuations in fuel costs is vital for efficient logistics planning and cost management. In this section, we present the monthly average retail prices for diesel from 2021 to 2023, showcasing our commitment to keeping a watchful eye on fuel price trends.

Weekly Average Retail Prices for Diesel (2021-2023)

We provide a graphical representation of the monthly average retail prices for diesel in Canada during the period of 2021 to 2023. These figures have been sourced from Kalirate and illustrate the fluctuations in fuel costs over time.

Insights: Canadian diesel prices experienced a decline at the beginning of May, reaching a low of 151.5 cents per litre before gradually rising. From the start of the year until early May, diesel prices have decreased by a total of 54.2 cents per litre, following a significant drop of 82.2 cents per litre since their peak in November 2022. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s weekly petroleum report, there was a 3.2 percent increase in distillate fuel demand in May compared to the end of April, accompanied by a 3.3 percent decrease in distillate inventories during the same period. These factors, including rising demand and declining inventories, are likely the primary reasons behind the shift from falling prices observed earlier this year.

** For a comprehensive analysis of the Canadian petroleum price snapshot, we recommend visiting Kalibrate’s website at **

Fuel Surcharge for LTL/TL

The Fuel Surcharge (FSC) table below indicates the fuel surcharge that will be applied based on the weekly average price of diesel and weekly updated Thursday of each week.

Fuel costs significantly influence transportation expenses, and keeping abreast of fuel price trends is crucial for effective logistics management. We help businesses navigate the complexities of fuel-related challenges, providing them with a competitive advantage in the ever-changing logistics landscape.

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