Shipment of Items Containing Lithium Batteries

For those using UUCargo to ship items powered by lithium batteries, understanding the nuances of safe and compliant shipping is essential. Lithium batteries, due to their high energy and potential hazards, come with stringent shipping regulations. This guide is designed to provide you with comprehensive insights into the shipping processes, rules, and carrier-specific clauses associated with these batteries.

Why the Caution with Lithium Batteries?

Lithium batteries are known for their capacity to store large amounts of energy in a compact space, making them ideal for various electronics. However, they can pose risks if damaged, subjected to extreme temperatures, or improperly handled, leading to potential fires or explosions.

Which Products Have Lithium Batteries?

Lithium batteries are prevalent in today’s electronics. Common items include:
    – Mobile phones and tablets
    – Laptops and portable electronic devices
    – Digital cameras and camcorders
    – Power tools
    – Electric vehicles
    – Drones and other remote-controlled devices
    – Wearables and health-monitoring equipment

Requirements for Mailing Items with Lithium Batteries

Adherence to regulations ensures safe transit and minimizes risks:
    Weight Restrictions: Batteries exceeding 35kgs need national authority approval before shipping. Condition: Damaged or defective batteries cannot be transported, as they pose heightened risks. Packaging: Prevent short-circuits by packaging batteries separately from metal objects and using non-conductive cushioning materials.
    Waste Batteries: For recycling, prior approval from the airline and national authority is mandatory for air transport.
    Documentation: Proper labeling and potentially marking the package as dangerous goods is critical. Also, ensure you have the required documentation ready.
    Special Packaging: Depending on the battery’s type and quantity, special packaging might be a requirement.

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Carrier-Specific Lithium Battery Requirements

Each carrier has specific guidelines and regulations concerning the shipment of items with lithium batteries. Please read the following clauses carefully. This provides you with information on quantity limits, packaging, marking and labeling, and documentation requirements. As the shipper, you are responsible for ensuring that packaging instructions and all documentation requirements are followed as specified by each carrier.
Shipping items with lithium batteries requires adherence to strict guidelines to ensure safety. UUCargo is here to help you navigate these rules, but always refer to specific carrier policies for the most detailed information. For further questions or clarifications, please call us at (604) 998-1888 or email us at

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