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Clear Customs In 4 Easy Steps

1. Open the website and log into your account.

2. Click on Custom Brokerage

3. Enter item name, dimensions, weight, HS Code etc.

4. View estimated customs fees and duties upon submission

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a customs broker and how can they help me?

A customs broker is a licensed individual or company that works closely with border agents in other countries to make sure that goods being imported or exported have met all requirements. A good customs broker will help you with the paperwork and administration and will be available to answer questions on your behalf

What are your customs broker fees?

Customs broker fees are the fees you pay someone to help you bring your goods into Canada. These fees are different from duty, which is an amount levied by the federal government and is a percentage of the value of your goods.

What are the basic import documents for customs clearance


This document is used for foreign trade. The commercial invoice contains detailed information about the products you are shipping internationally. The manufacturer, origin, destination, and HTS code are crucial to clear your freight. The person or company that makes the goods is the manufacturer. Calculating tariffs is the main purpose of a commercial invoice. A commercial invoice must identify the buyer and the seller. Other requirements of a commercial invoice include:

– Type of Packaging
– Description of Goods
– Shipping Information
– Date and Terms of Sale


Provided by the shipper or freight forwarder, the packing list may be used by customs to check the cargo. The information from your invoice should also be on your packing list. It is for this reason that the invoice and packing list work together to provide essential information for the customs clearance process. The packing list should directly correspond with the invoice. Keep in mind, a packing list is not a substitute for a commercial invoice. A packing list only serves to confirm the cargo. The type of package must also be defined on the packing list. Goods can be transported in a variety of ways including a box, crate, drum, or carton.


A Bill of Lading (BOL) is the document issued by the carrier to the shipper of goods. This document is essential for exporters to get paid and importers to get their merchandise. Should something happen to your cargo, a BOL is required for compensation in the event of any damage, delay, or loss. The BOL provides a tracking number to track your freight and includes international shipping details.

Is customs clearance compulsory for every shipment?

Yes, customs clearance is compulsory for all international shipments of commercial goods. The process is mandatory because it ensures that no illegal or prohibited items get into a country and that the government receives taxes and duties for liable goods.

How long does it take for my shipment to clear customs?

While the customs clearance process appears to have a set of laid-out steps, the reality is that things do not usually unfold at the same rate for all shipments. The time it will take for a load to clear customs depends on the goods in the shipment. Some products may need additional documentation or a physical examination before they can clear customs. However, it can take anywhere from 20 minutes to several days.

Work with us! Whether you are shipping small packages or pallets, we can provide you with reliable transportation and customs clearance services.

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